Carmel Valley Farmer’s Market

13055145_1692123881026665_4247777767685797997_oDid you know that there is a great little Farmer’s Market happening right here in Carmel Valley Village every Sunday from 1o AM to 3 PM? It’s held in the Carmel Valley Historical  Society parking lot next to the Carmel Valley Community Park. Chef Jerome has been serving a special dish there each weekend. So far he has offered paella, fried chicken, cassoulet, and Cobb salad. Come by next Sunday to see what he comes up with next! He’s also got croissants, chocolate croissants, banana bread, sandwiches (including a vegetarian option), and an assortment of beverages. Come by and check out all the other great vendors. From jewelry to soaps, cakes, fresh fish, hummus, succulents and South African flowers. Bring your knives by for sharpening and enjoy our lovely little village farmer’s market. What a cool community we have here.

Here’s the address if you haven’t been there before:

77 West Carmel Valley Road
Carmel Valley, CA

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